The Next Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017 Judge to be announced is…

Annie Romano – Our Head Judge

Annie Romano has been a resident of San Diego since the end of 1995, moving from the Northern California area, and a member of the leather community since 1990. She held the title of Ms San Diego Leather 1998, as well as the title of Ms World Leather 2001.

For many years, Annie produced the Ms San Diego Leather title contest and in 2012, began working with Bryan Teague to produce the combined Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather title event. They produced the contest through the 2016 year and have now turned over the reins to two new and extremely capable producers. Along with her activities in the leather community, Annie is a founding member of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who have been in San Diego since 2005.

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