Thank You All

Dear Communities,

The 2017 year of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather contest held great promise.

Joining with the men was a goal I had set for the contest and myself to achieve by the 2019 year, so being invited to join with them after last year’s contest was unexpected to say the least.
The adventure of joining contests proved to be educational on a variety of fronts.

Unfortunately, the 2017 year also showed me that my health has reached the point that it no longer allows for me to be in an executive producer role.

As much as it saddens me, I need to step away from something I love so dearly so I can ensure that the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest, her titleholders, and the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest Board will have all the support and structure they need to continue going forward to a bright future.

I ask that you give your support and love to Melissa Miles as she steps into the role of Executive Producer of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest. She  brings with her an outstanding resume of qualifications and heart that will help her as she settles into this role.

I have absolute faith in her and know that Ms. Los Angeles Leather and her titleholders will be in excellent hands going into the future.

Lastly, thank you for voting Ms. Los Angeles Leather “Event of the Year” at this year’s Southland Honors. All of us on the Ms. LAL board are beyond touched to receive this honor. We are so glad you enjoyed yourselves at this year’s event, that is always our ultimate goal.

So with that wonderful acknowledgement and knowing the contest will be in safe hands, I take my bow and step aside to focus on my health.


Thank You all for your love and support.

With respect In Leather,


Shae Flanigan
Owner and Executive Producer

Ms. Los Angeles Leather
2015 – 2017




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