Ms. Los Angeles Leather is Pleased to Announce…

The next judge on our 2017 panel is LE!

LE walked into a dungeon the summer of 1995 and has been exploring and growing ever since. For years, she would make things happen from behind the curtain serving at various capacities on several event planning committees. In 2011, LE began the mega-project of coordinating the IMsBB 15th Annual Celebration seeding the High Shine documentary and creating the IMsBB Challenge Coin tradition. LE has been nominated twice for a Pantheon of Leather award. She is “Mama’s Portuguese Princess” and has been honored to serve as American Leatherwoman 2015.

LE has presented workshops on safety, behavior modification, developing a mindset, hospitality and service. LE has lived on both coasts and is now resides in the Pacific Northwest and continues to charm her way into people’s hearts with her natural talent and love for performing arts. She frequently travels throughout the country for business and Leather conferences. She is very interested in M/s, relationship dynamics and development, self-growth, awareness, and actualization (and of course the play!!). Whether she is volunteering, performing, judging or teaching, she always enjoys the opportunity to serve her community.

LE can be reached on Facebook (LE Legirl), email (, or twitter (@ALW2015_legirl).

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