Board Members

Scarlett Sin

Owner/Executive Producer

Scarlett is a lifestyle and professional kinkster, energy playe, dominant and Leather Woman. She’s held the titles of Ms Sanctuary Leather 2016 and Ms Los Angeles Leather 2017.

In 2018, before her step aside, she asked Shae Flanigan if she would consider selling Scarlett the contest and title as she wanted to continue the legacy of building a strong foundation for the Los Angeles Women’s Leather community.

Scarlett brings to the title years of experience, dedication, and a strong focus on education, play and community building across many spectrums of identities with diversity and representation as one of her primary principles and goals.

Mistress Mea

Contest Coordinator/Den Daddy

Mea has been involved in the greater Los Angeles Leather/Kink community since 2010, with a has a passion for giving back and supporting a community that has given her so much by its mere existence.  As well as, supporting near and dear causes close to home, her service looks a little different with each endeavor, some have been strictly monetary, others take moments of my time, and yet others, have meant so much more.

In 2011, Mea, alongside two amazing women, culminated a Kinky Leather Family… We are Circle DayBreak.  Mea is the current Los Angeles girls of Leather/Women in Leather Los Angeles, Sergeant at Arms; Head D.M. at Sanctuary Studios LAX, a group leader for the So. Cal. DM Group & Munch.  Mea has assisted in with several Leather Title Contests, including, Ms. Bullet, International Olympus Leather her all-time favorite act of service is being a Den Daddy. She is the Den Daddy for Mr/Ms. Sanctuary Leather, Inland Empire Leather, Ms. Los Angeles Leather and San Diego Mr/Ms/BB Leather #4EvaUrDenDaddy.  

Mea is a community educator, encouraging everyone in the community to understand the legal ramifications of their play.  She has volunteered her time & energy to Leather Pride, Pagan Pride, LA Pride, LB Pride, OC Pride where she aided in the 1st annual Leather/Kink tent in Orange County Prides his/her/theirstory.  Raising awareness, funds and/or donations to and for the North Pole Foundation aka kinky Klaus, American Cancer Society, Leather Life, Santa Ana’s Helpers, LA Food Bank, and her go-to charity, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Fifi LaFille

Entertainment Coordinator

FiFi was born in the 3rd stall of the 1st floor bathrooms of the Casino de Monte Carlo and was quickly abandoned at the doorsteps of L’Orphelinat de Cannes.

She grew up a child of the streets, learning the hard lessons of the world in the different cultural capitals of Europe.

However, at some point in her early twenties she found herself back on the Cote d’Azur catering to the needs of various Sheiks and Russian Oligarchs, spending her leisure time on the multi-million dollar yachts found in the harbor.

Finding it harder to keep a steady clientele that were up to her standards, she moved to Los Angeles, in hopes of becoming a Hollywood Star. She can however be found most nights working the corner of Orange and Santa Monica Blvd.

Esteban Nunez

Sponsorship Coordinator

Tuesday Niles

Accessibility Coordinator

Tuesday Niles, a Deaf Leather woman, volunteering and learning about the BDSM/Kink community since 2008. In 2011 she was invited to her first official Leather event where she watched another Deaf man compete and win the Mr. Bullet Leather 2011 title. This is where she found a place to call home and has won and held the title of the first Ms. Bullet Leather 2016.

She identifies as a Little and a Kinky submissive with a tendency to switch if the right opportunity is present with the flags of Red, Grey, Black, and more. She leads with her heart and volunteers as much as she can in her community; as having 4 jobs is not enough to keep her on her toes and so she is currently a member of a Master George’s Leather Family (MGLF), the Vice President of Los Angeles Girls of Leather & Women in Leather Los Angeles, Accessibility Co-Coordinator of LALC, Vendor Coordinator of San Fernando Valley Pride & Leather H.E.A.T., and a gatekeeper at Threshold Society.

Don’t let her schedule fool you, she makes time for sexy fun and is always looking for the next opportunity for a good time, ask the pups and bears (winks)!

Mistress Justine Cross

Social Media

Justine Cross (she/her) is a high/hard/fierce queer femme – top/sadist/Dominant, lifestyle and pro domme, as well as owner of Dungeon West and Dungeon East. Justine also throws a popular female (cis & trans women) only play party called BDSFEMME; co-hosts Deviant – a queer only play party, and is the Resident domme at Cruise L.A.– a monthly bar event at The Eagle

Beacon Onyx

Judges Coordinator

Beacon ONYX is a board member and Pledge Master of ONYX SoCal/Southwest.

Beacon serves the leather/kink community through volunteerism, kink education and promoting sex positivity and HIV stigma reduction.

Keywords: pig, pup play, ABDL, fisting, flogging, water sports, nipple play and donuts.

Don Harmon

Graphics & Design

Jeffrey Erdman

Legal Counsel


Jeffrey Erdman is the managing partner of the law firm of Bennett & Erdman, a boutique litigation firm based in Los Angeles.  Jeffrey’s practice is focused on civil litigation matters, including business or contract disputes as well as the various general legal needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the past twenty years, Jeffrey has been active with numerous LGBT organizations, including the ONE Archives Foundation where he served more than ten years as a board member and three years as president.  In addition, in an effort to build national and statewide relationships for the LGBT legal community of Los Angeles, Jeffrey served on the boards of the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association, the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Jeffrey also served as a member of the California State Bar Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination for five years (the last year as its Chair) and three years as an advisory member of the California Judicial Council’s Access and Fairness Advisory Committee, seeking to improve access to justice for LGBT people in California.  

Jeffrey was Mr. Christopher Street West Leather 2016 and Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 and placed in the Top 20 at International Mister Leather 2016.

Rik Newton Treadway

Board Advisor

Anthony Michael Harmon

Board Advisor


Shae Flanigan

Board Advisor


While mostly removed from the spotlight these days, Shae has attempted to serve her community to the best of her ability in whatever capacity she was needed.

Shae is delighted to pass the torch of two of her greatest passions to Scarlett Sin. After years of watching Scarlett, she has complete faith that both the Southland Title Sisters, and the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest will not only be safe, but will flourish in her very capable hands. So she leaves you with this sign off… “No matter where you go, what you do, or who you meet, always leave the world better than how you found it.”

Dionysus Hill


Dionysus, or Dio for short, is an LA based kinkster, who indulges in a variety of kinks and lifestyles.

After graduating from college, Dio pursued a career in graphic design before opening his own clothing line, Chubby Cub LA, a plus sized men’s line based in Los Angeles.

Carefree and fun, Dio prefers to spend his time building meeting people, and creating artwork. At 23, Dio lives life under the philosophy, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. And I love graphic design and food…So you get the picture.”

As our webmaster, if you have any questions or concerns with the website, feel free to e-mail him at