Judges & Staff

Ms. Los Angeles Leather Judges Panel 2018

Goddess Moon

Head Judge

Active in the community for nearly two decades, Goddess Moon is a regular fixture in the pan sexual leather community and is active in the gay leather community. Notably she is currently working as a Pro Switch, co-organizer for Club FUK and serves as Communications Officer of the Southland Title Sisters. She has held the titles of Ms Sanctuary Leather 2015 and Ms Los Angeles Leather 2016.

During her time in the community she has utilized her knowledge and experience to teach classes on Aftercare, Wax Play and “99 cent store toy bag.” Moon has been called on to judge local and regional contests such as Mr. Bullet Leather 2017, Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather 2017, Ms Sanctuary Leather 2017 and Mr Los Angeles Leather 2018.

Girl Complex


Girl Complex is International Ms. Leather 2017.

A self described proud petty black feminist and womanist.

Growing up in San Diego, Girl Complex had to dissect racial relations all while riding a skateboard and boogie boarding.

A product of her environment, Girl Complex has been able to define what it means to be a black, kinky girl on her own terms.
Crafting her ideas of blackness from rap videos and television. While not allowing herself to be limited in what “black” girls can be, she is the perfect mix of fun and “What you’re not going to do is”.
Her trigger words are “divisive” and “Well, Actually”. She can spring into the action when she hears “Black IMsL”.

An avid reader, The Autobiography of Malcolm X is her favorite book.
The current only fully patched girl member of Knight Hawks of Virginia, which makes her one of 5/6 women in the AMCC.

You can catch her sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA, or you can lowkey stalk her instagram Girl_Complex, Twitter YourGirlComplex and Facebook Girl Complex.

Chad Judkins


Chad Judkins, a Virginia native, started exploring BDSM in 1998. He is a founding member and current President of Onyx Southwest, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Los Angeles, California.  He also serves as a board member of Onyx National Council. He is a 20 year veteran of the leather community and enjoys fundraising, exploring different kinks, traveling nationally to leather events, meeting new people and educating newcomers on the leather lifestyle. Chad strongly believes in brotherhood and sets as his goal to help end the stigma surrounding the leather community.  He has taught classes on Pre-Play Consultation and recently co-hosted a discussion on Bridging the Divide–Developing Effective Recruitment Strategies. He constantly challenges himself and his Onyx family to participate and serve within their region and abroad.

Some of his individual and organization accomplishments under his leadership are Eagle LA Recognition Award (2018), Men of ONYX Chapter of the Year Award (2016 & 2017), LALC Southland Honors Award for Club/Organization of the Year (2017), Blatino Oasis, Mr. Leather (2016), APLA Outstanding Community Partner Award (2016) and Mufasa’s Lion’s Strength Award (2016). He recently judged the Mr. Eagle LA Leather 2018 Contest.

Pixie Mary


Pixie Mary is International Ms. Olympus Leather 2017 as well as Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2016. She identifies as a dominant switch.

Pixie Mary has a passion for learning, service and most recently, educating. Her journey into the BDSM/Kink community begun in the fall of 2011 in a conservative Midwestern town.

Upon her return to California in the summer of 2014, she found the Leather community, and in it, she found a home. She has dedicated herself to service in any way possible, while growing and evolving in turn. She has been able to utilize the platform of her title to travel and educate women on PrEP awareness.

Pixie Mary has a passion in giving back while supporting community that has given her so much by its existence as well as supporting near and dear causes close to home. Her service looks a little different with every endeavor, some have been strictly monetary, others take moments of my time and yet others have meant so much more.

Some of these impactful experiences include, Veterans Airlift Command, DomCon Los Angeles, San Diego Pride, Long Beach Pride, The Leather Realm, Mr. LA Leather, Inland Empire Leather Ambassadors, Ms. LA Leather, DM at Sanctuary Studios LAX, and many bar events.

Pixie Mary is currently under consideration for Circle DayBreak, which is a Kinky Family, comprised of Dominant women, established in 2011 to provide one another a safe space to learn and experience their Kinky grove. This safe space, she explains, has allowed her to evolve from like-mindedness to finding a true expression in needle play wax play as well other forms of heavy to sensual styles of flogging, caning and spanking.

She does needle play demos and wax demos whenever possible. She enjoys dominating others, needle play, spanking, canes, crops, fisting, wax play, fire play, and flogging.



Teagan fell in love with bootblacking at a young age, doing her shoes before church. Although these days her skills are being put to more salacious uses, she still identifies as a spiritual bootblack. For her, the act of bootblacking harkens back to the foot-washing ritual. She is honored to provide a humble service to her community. As a bootblack, Teagan loves the exchange of energy and the intimate connection that the stand creates. She views herself as a healer, seeking to clean both the leather and it’s owner during their time in her stand. Teagan firmly believes that the bootblack stand is a sanctuary for those in need. Wether she’s working a stand, or sitting for other bootblacks – that’s the feeling she chases.

Teagan is an individual director for the Bay Area Leather Alliance Board. Over the past three years she’s been the stage manager for the Mr San Francisco Leather contest. In 2018, in conjunction with the Leather Alliance she produced the first ever San Francisco Bootblack contest.

Teagan is International Ms Bootblack 2018, and the 20th person to hold that title. She is also Southwest Bootblack 2017 and Southern California Bootblack 2016. She is based in Oakland, CA. During her title years she has invited our community to “Take Refuge” in the capable hands of our bootblacks.

Pup Yoshi


Pup Yoshi is Mr. Eagle562 Leather 2018, the first to hold the title, and was 2nd Runner Up for Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2018. He has been active in the Bear, Leather and Pup communities for over 15 years.

Yoshi’s service to the community has ranged from selling Jell-o shots and raffle tickets at fundraisers, to planning bar and weekend run events, and serving on the organizing committees for the Leather Tents at Long Beach Pride and Orange County Pride. He is a recipient of the Larry Wright Memorial Award from Bears LA in recognition of outstanding volunteer work.

Yoshi is a brother of the SoCal-Southwest Chapter of ONYX, serving on the Board of Directors as Road Captain. He is an active contributor to ONYX’s BDSM education program, including co-presenting a class on Pup Play at ONYX’s annual meeting, BLACKOUT.

He is an advocate for diversity, representation and inclusion in the Leather community, and has participated in forums and been a guest on podcasts to discuss these issues.

Yoshi is part of a leather family that includes his Sir and husband, Master Gary, and their boy, Andy. His kink interests include bondage, flogging/impact play, sports uniforms/gear and pup play, and enjoys fun with all types of Leather players in local, national and international venues.



Caitlin is currently Southwest Bootblack 2018 and also holds the title of California State Bootblack 2017!

She stumbled into her passion for bootblacking on her first visit to Threshold in 2015. After watching the house bootblack worship a pair of high shines with incredible intensity, she discovered her love for leather.

She strives to create a comfortable and sociable experience in her chair, in which she can learn the history of your leathers and influence where they are going. In 2016, she became a house bootblack at Threshold.

Caitlin is a proud member of Threshold and Central Coast Leather. She is passionate about animal rights and works in a veterinary practice as a technician.

Ms. Los Angeles Leather Staff 2018

Marpa Franzoni, Mr Sister Leather 2018

Tally Master

Mr. Sister Leather 2018 was birthed of his father’s loins in a simpler time… He emerged fully grown and bellowing a war cry. Since then he’s been trying to get into Daddies’ pants from from Hollywood to Bollywood with a fair amount of luck.

In his spare time he enjoys bondage, cock sucking, fashion and volunteerism.
He has sat on the board of directors for The Los Angeles Boys of Leather and has done a fair amount of work with The Tom of Finland Foundation.

Marpa holds an appreciation for informed choices and a fondness for originality while honoring tradition.

Taz, Mr SoCal Leather 2018

Tally Master

By daylight he advocates for LGBT youth and people living with HIV in the Inland Empire. By night he uses his multi-lingual ass to have foreign exchanges.

Duke Ruff

Judges Assistant

Pup Rush - Los Angeles Pup 2018

Judges Assistant

Pup Rush is an energetic Husky who is best known for being the life of the party. He is also the volunteer dog that everyone calls on when they need something done. He has been a pup for almost four years now and enjoys pupping out with all of his fellow puppies. While he loves to mosh and pup out, his main mission is to make sure that all of the other pups feel welcome and included.

Pup Rush holds the title of LA Pup 2018 and advocates for foundations such as Mr. Friendly and the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He aims to promote pride in everyone’s self-image with the #PupPawsitive social media campaign. Rush wants you to love your community – and love yourself.

Rush is a Naval Veteran and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. He has hosted a couple of his own puppy events and has volunteered for: The Mr. Bullet contest, Off Sunset (SoCal version of Folsom), L.A. Pride, San Diego Pride, DTLA Pride, Long Beach Pride, Diaperactive, Mr. California Leather, the L.A. Bear Contest, and the L.A. Mr. Sister Contest.

His hobbies include collecting anime books and movies, video games, being a DJ, and zooming around SoCal in his Ford Mustang, a.k.a. The Red Rocket.