It’s almost here!

We are beyond thrilled to announce two more of our fantastic judges for our 2017 year. Please join us in welcoming:


Snowy Goodman

Snowy joined the San Diego Kink and Leather Community in 2007. She thrust herself into community by volunteering at any event that would have her. She soon became a fixture at events, but rarely seen as she loved being the person behind the Person out front. She began bootblacking in 2009 and added teaching to her passions.  She embraced her leather heart and surrounded by people she loved she proudly proclaimed herself a Leather Woman.  She has been a member of Club X, a Host for the Submissive Voice North County Support Group meetings, and a community Ambassador for new faces. She is honored to be a member of the Southland Title Sisters, and the San Diego Girls of Leather. In 2015 Snowy was deeply moved to be elected the first San Diego Bootblack titleholder by the members of the San Diego Leather community. She continues her leather journey in the community she loves, thankful for each and every person who has come into her life.

A special note to the contestants:

“I wish to express my appreciation to those running for the Ms. LA 2017 title. Your dedication to your community and the example you are setting for those who follow in your footsteps will last long after this contest is over. Win or lose, each and every one of you is a vital part of leather history. Thank you for being part of mine!”


Carmelle aka Lady C.

Leatherwoman & Documentary Photographer

Lady C started her kink/leather journey around 1988, in Los Angeles, California. This lead her from London, to Seattle, and back to Los Angeles.
She has been an avid player and participant in the BDSM/Kink/Leather Community for as long as she can remember.

Lady C has been photographing Gay and Leather Sex, Play and intimate Leather Live’s for over 18 years. At one point along the way, she realized that the amount of photography that she had done within the Leather Community, equaled a small documentation of certain aspects of the Leather culture.

She has been a player, a teacher, a mentor and a guide for various individuals and groups for over 16 years including teaching Yoga for Bondage to Rope Enthusiasts. Her main focus has always been the energy / power exchange, sensation play, and bringing together the focus to reach deeper and higher in while bonding/playing. Although she currently resides in New York, her roots run deep within the Southern California Leather Community. Once a month she continues to volunteer at various parties, events, or for groups, teaching BDSM, doing demos or presenting techniques. She feels that everyone should have access to a wide range of information that is correct. As well keeping things safe, sane, sanitary and keeping consent at the forefront. A few of the associations she has been part of includes the Southern California Leather Women, Wicked Women, Bad Girls Club, DESIRE LWU, LARAWW. Currently she is the Social Media Coordinator for the Leather Heart Foundation and President of the Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation.

For further information please check out her website at:

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