First there was the “Ms. Fallen Angel” title in 1997 brought to life by Joi Parker and the women of the Women’s Leather Network. The contest was held in West Hollywood and Lisa Weiszmiller was chosen the winner.

In 1998, the Ms. Los Angeles Leather title was officially born by the sweat and hard work of Lee Lambert and Cara Hanes. The judges of the contest named Marci Schrager Ms. LA Leather 1998 and in 1999, Fay Foltz would follow in Marci’s footsteps to become the last Ms. Los Angeles Leather in 1999.

Until now.

Going into it’s second returning year we are proud to bring you the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest.

As we go into our first official year as part of the Los Angeles Leather Pride Week, we celebrate and show unity with our Leather brothers.