Q: Why bring the Ms. Los Angeles Leather title back?

A: Because Los Angeles is an incredible city with a long history in Leather and it was a shame to not have our Los Angeles Leatherwomen represented and prior to bringing it back we didn’t have a Los Angeles city women’s Leather title.  With so many incredible women and such a strong community, this simply wouldn’t do.


Q: Who is eligible to run for Ms. Los Angeles Leather.

A: Anyone who is female identified, gender queer or gender-fluid person comfortable wearing a Ms. title sash for the period of ONE calendar year or until the time of the next Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest who additionally either: 1. Lives in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernadino, or Riverside County and/or 2. Is a contestant from one of the feeder contests or clubs.


Q: How is your titleholder chosen?

A: The Ms. Los Angeles Leather titleholder is selected with the help of our community and judges. Ms. Los Angeles Leather feels strongly that our community needs a voice in the choosing of their titleholder. So, much like contests before us, we too choose to give our audience a voice during the pop-question segment of our contest. How our contestants answer those questions tally into their overall score. Ms. Los Angeles scoring information can be found HERE

Q: What is the Leather Heart Award

A: The Leather Heart Award is determined based on scores compiled throughout the entirety of the contest weekend by judges, heir fellow contestants, staff, and “secret votes” who don’t have affiliation with any of the contestants.


Q. What are the obligations of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather title?

At the Contest:

-Bring a fabulous basket with you to auction off.

  • All proceeds go to the titleholder travel fund

– Have an amazing time and make a new family for life!


During the year

– Attend at least 3 out-of-city events of her choosing

– Host/teach at least three events during her title year

– At the completion of her title year, attend her step-aside and sash the next Ms. Los Angeles Leather


When In LA

– Support her/their LA Brothers at the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest (required)

– Attend the title contests for the LABB (as many as able)

– Support the BDSM clubs, groups and Leather bars of LA

– Attend Los Angeles Pride (required)


When in Southern California

– Attend Long Beach Pride and San Diego Pride

– Attend Leather Contests encompassed by the Southland Title Sister group and be an active member of the Southland Title Sisters. (as able)

– Support new Leatherwomen’s contests which may start (as able)

– Attend regional Leather Men’s contests (as able)


Q. Anything else I should know?

– Ms. Los Angeles Leather is not required to compete at a national or international level after her title year. Should she choose to, the contest will reimburse her entry to International Ms. Leather, International Deaf Leather, International Olympus Leather, American Leather Woman, or Women’s International Leather Legacy.

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