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  • Thank You All

    Dear Communities,

    The 2017 year of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather contest held great promise.

    Joining with the men was a goal I had set for the contest and myself to achieve by the 2019 year, so being invited to join with them after last year’s contest was unexpected to say the least.
    The adventure of joining contests proved to be educational on a variety of fronts.

    Unfortunately, the 2017 year also showed me that my health has reached the point that it no longer allows for me to be in an executive producer role.

    As much as it saddens me, I need to step away from something I love so dearly so I can ensure that the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest, her titleholders, and the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest Board will have all the support and structure they need to continue going forward to a bright future.

    I ask that you give your support and love to Melissa Miles as she steps into the role of Executive Producer of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest. She  brings with her an outstanding resume of qualifications and heart that will help her as she settles into this role.

    I have absolute faith in her and know that Ms. Los Angeles Leather and her titleholders will be in excellent hands going into the future.

    Lastly, thank you for voting Ms. Los Angeles Leather “Event of the Year” at this year’s Southland Honors. All of us on the Ms. LAL board are beyond touched to receive this honor. We are so glad you enjoyed yourselves at this year’s event, that is always our ultimate goal.

    So with that wonderful acknowledgement and knowing the contest will be in safe hands, I take my bow and step aside to focus on my health.


    Thank You all for your love and support.

    With respect In Leather,


    Shae Flanigan
    Owner and Executive Producer

    Ms. Los Angeles Leather
    2015 – 2017




  • It’s almost here!

    We are beyond thrilled to announce two more of our fantastic judges for our 2017 year. Please join us in welcoming:


    Snowy Goodman

    Snowy joined the San Diego Kink and Leather Community in 2007. She thrust herself into community by volunteering at any event that would have her. She soon became a fixture at events, but rarely seen as she loved being the person behind the Person out front. She began bootblacking in 2009 and added teaching to her passions.  She embraced her leather heart and surrounded by people she loved she proudly proclaimed herself a Leather Woman.  She has been a member of Club X, a Host for the Submissive Voice North County Support Group meetings, and a community Ambassador for new faces. She is honored to be a member of the Southland Title Sisters, and the San Diego Girls of Leather. In 2015 Snowy was deeply moved to be elected the first San Diego Bootblack titleholder by the members of the San Diego Leather community. She continues her leather journey in the community she loves, thankful for each and every person who has come into her life.

    A special note to the contestants:

    “I wish to express my appreciation to those running for the Ms. LA 2017 title. Your dedication to your community and the example you are setting for those who follow in your footsteps will last long after this contest is over. Win or lose, each and every one of you is a vital part of leather history. Thank you for being part of mine!”


    Carmelle aka Lady C.

    Leatherwoman & Documentary Photographer

    Lady C started her kink/leather journey around 1988, in Los Angeles, California. This lead her from London, to Seattle, and back to Los Angeles.
    She has been an avid player and participant in the BDSM/Kink/Leather Community for as long as she can remember.

    Lady C has been photographing Gay and Leather Sex, Play and intimate Leather Live’s for over 18 years. At one point along the way, she realized that the amount of photography that she had done within the Leather Community, equaled a small documentation of certain aspects of the Leather culture.

    She has been a player, a teacher, a mentor and a guide for various individuals and groups for over 16 years including teaching Yoga for Bondage to Rope Enthusiasts. Her main focus has always been the energy / power exchange, sensation play, and bringing together the focus to reach deeper and higher in while bonding/playing. Although she currently resides in New York, her roots run deep within the Southern California Leather Community. Once a month she continues to volunteer at various parties, events, or for groups, teaching BDSM, doing demos or presenting techniques. She feels that everyone should have access to a wide range of information that is correct. As well keeping things safe, sane, sanitary and keeping consent at the forefront. A few of the associations she has been part of includes the Southern California Leather Women, Wicked Women, Bad Girls Club, DESIRE LWU, LARAWW. Currently she is the Social Media Coordinator for the Leather Heart Foundation and President of the Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation.

    For further information please check out her website at: www.weareleatherwomen.com

  • We are delighted to announce the next judge on our 2017 panel…

    Patrick Smith!

    Patrick Smith is International Mr. Leather 2015, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015, and Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015.

    Patrick is best known for his focus on international activism, which has taken him to places regarded as hostile to the LGBT community, including Uganda, Egypt, Morocco, and Ukraine. His mission is to learn first-hand the experience of sexual minorities in these places, and to raise awareness and funds for their causes back home.

    Patrick’s writing on LGBT issues can be found in numerous publications including The Advocate. He has spoken on LGBT rights issues to audiences ranging from church congregations in the US to global community events in Europe. Recently, Patrick was recognized by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his “dedicated efforts and untiring advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged LGBT domestic and global communities.”

    In a professional capacity, Patrick cut his teeth in Canadian politics, having served as assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister. He is happily married to the love of his life, Michael.


  • Be Part of Another Los Angeles First

    Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017 Open Invite!

    In 2016 Ms. Los Angeles Leather (MsLAL) held its first contest after a 17 year hiatus.

    Growing on last year’s success, and for the first time, the Women and Men of the Los Angeles Leather Community have joined forces to offer a full week of Leather Pride beginning March 24th, 2017.

    Since the week is all about celebrating the diversity and inclusion of our community, the MsLAL Producer’s are excited to extend an open call for the Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017 contest.

    If you are interested in competing in Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017, or have questions, please contact the MsLAL Producer’s by email at producer@mslaleather.com, or read our FAQ’s and download a 2017 contestant application online.

    We look forward to having you join us!

  • Ms. Los Angeles Leather is Pleased to Announce…

    The next judge on our 2017 panel is LE!

    LE walked into a dungeon the summer of 1995 and has been exploring and growing ever since. For years, she would make things happen from behind the curtain serving at various capacities on several event planning committees. In 2011, LE began the mega-project of coordinating the IMsBB 15th Annual Celebration seeding the High Shine documentary and creating the IMsBB Challenge Coin tradition. LE has been nominated twice for a Pantheon of Leather award. She is “Mama’s Portuguese Princess” and has been honored to serve as American Leatherwoman 2015.

    LE has presented workshops on safety, behavior modification, developing a mindset, hospitality and service. LE has lived on both coasts and is now resides in the Pacific Northwest and continues to charm her way into people’s hearts with her natural talent and love for performing arts. She frequently travels throughout the country for business and Leather conferences. She is very interested in M/s, relationship dynamics and development, self-growth, awareness, and actualization (and of course the play!!). Whether she is volunteering, performing, judging or teaching, she always enjoys the opportunity to serve her community.

    LE can be reached on Facebook (LE Legirl), email (americanleatherwoman2015@gmail.com), or twitter (@ALW2015_legirl).

  • The Next Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017 Judge to be announced is…

    Annie Romano – Our Head Judge

    Annie Romano has been a resident of San Diego since the end of 1995, moving from the Northern California area, and a member of the leather community since 1990. She held the title of Ms San Diego Leather 1998, as well as the title of Ms World Leather 2001.

    For many years, Annie produced the Ms San Diego Leather title contest and in 2012, began working with Bryan Teague to produce the combined Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather title event. They produced the contest through the 2016 year and have now turned over the reins to two new and extremely capable producers. Along with her activities in the leather community, Annie is a founding member of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who have been in San Diego since 2005.

  • Our First 2017 Judge To Be Announced Is…

    Ms. Los Angeles Leather is pleased to announce the first of our 2017 Judging Panel: “Daddy Faye” Foltz – Ms. Los Angeles Leather 1999

    “Originally from the Great State of Michigan I have lived in Chicago, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Tempe and now Oakland. I have had the great joy of creating playing and meeting Leather folk from all over.

    Having worked on both local and large events, I think volunteering at events is the best way to meet new people and helps to keep me young in spirit .

    My family grounds and supports me, my friends are the best and there’s always room for one more.”

  • Your Mistress of Ceremonies is…

    Ms. Los Angeles Leather is pleased to announce our 2017 emcee will be none other than the ever gorgeous, talented and amazing Alotta Boutte’!


    Alotta’s performance and presence has known no bounds. Whether on the mic as emcee or chanteuse, or in motion, she is at home on the stage. Though she calls San Francisco her home, she has graced stages worldwide. She is the last recipient of Bay Area Leather Alliance Entertainer of the Year and is excited to be here with you.