About the Board

Melissa Miles  – Executive Producer

With the blessing of the previous Producer Shae Flanigan, Melissa Miles will be stepping into the role of Executive Producer of Ms. Los Angeles Leather.

Melissa Miles was born and raised in Southern California. She started playing at private events in the Inland Empire in 1993, it was then that she found her home within the Los Angeles Community. Melissa answers to Mistress and Sir, but never to Ma’am. She was Southern California Leather Woman 2011-2012, part of the 2011 International Olympus class, and is an honorary member of the Southland Title Sisters. Melissa is honored to be part of Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Melistress” and has volunteered and judged at BDSM/Leather events from coast to coast. Melissa also currently serves on the Advisory Boards for: DomCon (Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New Orleans), and Los Angeles Pansexual Pride.

Melissa is an avid and passionate supporter of the title-holding system and fully endorses the amazing and positive transformative experiences that are possible.

On her resume, Melissa brings with her over a decade of working in and with Production Crews in the Music Industry, over a decade as a Professional Dominant, and as a Lifestyle Dominant being served by Her boy pony and Her girl jane for the past ten years. Her life is filled with being a Santera, Sex-Positive Spiritual Healer, and Energy Worker. In short, she is loving life. She loves to bring positive energy wherever she can with her renowned brash humor.

“You never know whom you are going to reach, be mindful of what you are giving”.


Rik Newton-Treadway

hookerRik Newton-Treadway, lovingly referred to as Hooker, Maryland Mr Drummer 1999, Mr. Maryland Leather 2009, Top 20 at IML 2009. He has judged numerous local, regional, and international leather contests: Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather, International Ms. Leather, as well as International Mr. Leather to name a few. He is founding Board Member Drummer North America.

He is The Co-Founder of I.C.B.B. and a founding Board Member of International LeatherSIR and Leatherboy.He is the founder of Mid-Atlantic Leather Women and Mid-Atlantic Leather Women Boot Black Contests. He is also a board member of The Carter Johnson Leather Library and Collections. Rik is the Executive Producer of the highly successful “Twelve Days of Christmas” fundraiser.

He has won several Pantheon of Leather Awards and is a member of Mama’s Family. Hooker & Boys is a Leather club comprised of close friends who share a passion for Leather, service, and community. H&B serves the Leather and GLBTSQ communities through fund-raising, service, and support, choosing to show their Love through action.

 Don Harmon – Graphics

13214791_10206164267722470_960232963_oDon grew up in the Denver, CO metropolitan area and graduated from Englewood High School in 1969.  He then went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication in 1974 with an emphasis in theatre.

Since moving to San Diego 23 years ago Don has been involved in the Country Western Community, sung in the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego and the San Diego Men’s Chorus, and has performed in several theatrical productions.   He occasionally teaches C/W dancing and has been involved with the San Diego Rodeo since 1996, holding positions of dance instructor, Vice President of Administration, Media, and is the current President.  After meeting his husband, Anthony M Harmon, Don has become more involved in the Leather Community, holding the position of media relations for the newly formed Leather Boys of San Diego, SoCal Leather Productions, and more recently with Drummer California.

Don is a self taught Graphics Designer and has designed numerous posters, flyers, t-shirts, logos, and advertisements for the San Diego Gay Rodeo, Colorado Gay Rodeo, San Diego Leather Pride, the San Diego Eagle, SoCal Drummer, California Drummer, Ms. L.A. Leather, as well as numerous other events including fund raisers.  Some of his works can be seen at www.freewebs.com/dhharmon.

Jessi – Treasurer

Jessi is a Southern California girl through and through – just without the blonde hair. Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego, Jessi has her degree in Accounting and is a natural fit for the role of Board Treasurer and Accountant for Ms. Los Angeles Leather – but life is more than just expenses and receipts! Jessi also spends time walking her path of becoming a member of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, helping to spread the mission of “The Promulgation of Universal Joy and Expiation of Stigmatic Guilt” and working towards Conclave 2017. She is a fan of DCA and Disneyland (especially the Haunted Mansion), the music of Oingo Boingo, San Diego Comic-Con, eating sushi, and can play Lego console games for hours on end when she isn’t catering to every whim of her feline children. She hopes to one day have Minions of her very own and to also own a copy of every Lego game made for the PS3.


Anthony Michael Harmon – Contracts

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Shae Flanigan – Advisor

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